Middle School Winter Camp

Kennewick Pepsi-Cola Dusters

Middle School Winter Skills Camp

First session on January 21st at Kamiakin High School from 4 to 6 pm.  Following camp sessions will be on Sundays at the same time and location for 6 weeks.

For more information contact Ben Lindholm at (509) 205-9562 or Toby Starcher at (509) 430-3020.

Baseball Winter Camp

Sponsored by the Kennewick Pepsi Cola Dusters Baseball and Kamiakin Braves


The baseball camp will be on Sunday Nights for 6 weeks for all 6th thru 8th grades.  Sunday’s workouts will be fielding and hitting at Kamiakin Gym from 4pm to 6pm.  Each session is formatted to work on fundamentals, conditioning and strength as related to baseball.  Camp Instructors and assistants (current Kamiakin / Duster Players) will work with players teaching specialized skills, workouts and drills to further develop each player for the upcoming baseball season.

Sunday Dates: January 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25

Cost is $100 per player, due prior to participation in the camp.


Hitting – Helmets, bats and indoor shoes (no cleats)

Fielding – gloves, indoor shoes (no black sole shoes) and protective cup.


Camp will be limited, therefore to secure a spot in the camp payment, registration and release forms must be received to secure a spot.  Payment and Forms can be submitted on first day of camp or contact Toby Starcher at 509-430-3020.  If you have questions on the camp please contact Ben Lindholm 509-205-9562.

Baseball Winter Camp Registration and Release Form

Make Checks or Money Orders payable to: Kennewick Dusters  

Total Enclosed: $100





Night Phone:_______________________________  

Day Phone:________________________________  

Parents Name:______________________________  

Grade in Fall:___________  

Medical Release

I agree to be solely responsible for any medical expenses incurred by my child in this activity. In consideration of the fee charged for this camp, I agree to hold the Kennewick School District and the Kennewick Pepsi Cola Dusters and any employee or volunteer involved in the program harmless from, and indemnify them for, any damage or loss arising as a result of my child’s participation in this activity.  

Parent’s Signature: ____________________________ Date: __________

*Important* Front and Back copy of insurance card is required to participate in camp activities.  Please include with registration. MUST HAVE THIS!!!!!!   

I verify that:__________________________          Camp Participant Has Medical Insurance with:  

____________________________________ Policy Number  

And has Dental Insurance with:  

____________________________________ Policy Number  

Which effectively covers any medical or dental cost incurred as a result of the participation in the Baseball Winter Camp. Further, I authorize the camp instructors at the Baseball Winter Camp to seek any necessary emergency medical or dental treatment my child may need during the course of camp.  

____________________________________ Parent Signature  

____________________________________ Current Medications  

____________________________________ Current Allergies  

Acknowledgement of Risk

As the parent/guardian of:  

____________________________________ Camp Participant I acknowledge the potential risk of injury related to participating in baseball and the physical activities associated with participation in the Baseball Winter Camp.  I knowingly and voluntarily on behalf of the camp participant accept the risk of all such injuries that could occur due to participation in the camp.  

____________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature