Duster Bowl Tourn.

Duster Bowl is typically held on Fouth of July weekend but this year it will be June 30th - July 3rd. All games will be played at two locations in Kennewick, WA. This tournament is for Washington Junior American Legion AA teams or teams equivalent to that level of play.

For more information please contact one of the following:

Jake Millbauer
Duster AA Manager

Ben Lindholm

36th Annual Duster Bowl

Kennewick, Washington

LaPierre Field and Roy Johnson Field

June 30th thru July 3rd, 2017


Duster Bracket                                                            Phantom Bracket

Pool A                          Pool B                                      Pool C                          Pool D

1 Pepsi Cola Dusters     1 Kenn. Bandits                         1 Kenn. Phantoms            1 Pasco Sun Devils

2 Honda Baseball Club  2 Pocatello Razorbacks             2 Eastmont                   2 Lewiston

3 Snohomish FTC          3 Lakeside Recovery                 3 Weiser HS                 3 Wenatchee Blues

4 West Valley                4 TC Badgers                            4 River Valley                4 MiltonFreewater Twins


Friday, June 30th

LaPierre                                                                       Roy Johnson              

9:30     Game 1   B1 vs. B4

Game 2   D1 vs. D4

12:00   Game 3   A1 vs. A4

Game 4   C1 vs. C4

2:30     Game 5   B2 vs. B3

Game 6   D2 vs. D3

5:00     Game 7   A2 vs. A3

Game 8   C2 vs. C3


Saturday, July 1st

Lapierre                                                                       Roy Johnson                                      

9:30     Game 9    B3 vs. B4

Game 10  D3 vs. D4

12:00   Game 11  A3 vs. A4

Game 12  C3 vs. C4

2:30     Game 13  B1 vs. B2

Game 14  D1 vs. D2

5:00     Game 15  A1 vs. A2

Game 16  C1 vs. C2


Sunday, July 2nd

Lapierre                                                                       Roy Johnson                                      

9:30     Game 17  A2 vs. A4

Game 18  C2 vs. C4

12:00   Game 19  B2 vs. B4

Game 20  D2 vs. D4

2:30     Game 21  A1 vs. A3

Game 22  C1 vs. C3

5:00     Game 23  B1 vs. B3

Game 24  D1 vs. D3


Monday, July 3rd

Lapierre                                                                       Roy Johnson                              

8:00     Game 25  A4 vs. D4

Game 26  B4 vs. C4

10:00   Game 27  A3 vs. D3

Game 28  B3 vs. C3

12:00   Game 29  A2 vs. D2

Game 30  B1 vs. C1

2:15     Game 31  A1 vs. D1

Game 32  B2 vs  C2

4:30     Game 33  Championship  (#1 winners)

Game 34  3rd/4th Place Game (#2 winners)